Automatyka Melioracyjna Włodzimierz Frąckowiak has been established in 1987. The initial scope of its activity was the construction of watering installation for fish farms then watering plants for agriculture and currently our main areas of expertise include automatic irrigation systems for gardens, parks and sporting facilities, including ski jumps (surface sprinkling) and golf courses.

It is our pleasure to inform that we are so far the only company in Poland with proven track of watering installations on summer ski jumps in Poland (Zakopane 2002 and 2004) as well as abroad (Einsiedeln in Switzerland). The largest system installed ("Wielka krokiew" in Zakopane) delivers the water to the sprinklers located 150m (450 ft) above the pump station level.

The largest golf course installation has been built in 2004 for Toya company, on newly built golf course in Wroclaw (18+9 holes). The installed irrigation system covers approximately 80ha of terrain and includes 1000 sprinklers, with pump performance of 180 cubic meters per hour.

Our company has all necessary expertise, equipment and specialists. We have own machine operators, plumbers and electritians. This allows for extremely short construction time.

Your business is our business!